I am, who I am!

One of the most important aspects of a happy and healthy relationship is understanding each other’s different personalities and character traits.

We as humans have our own identity and personality and character traits. We are so unique that not one of us have the same finger print. In this world we have to live and work with each other and that is not the easiest thing to do, there will be always anger, hate, jealousy, differences and conflict between people. Misunderstanding is a big contributor to divorce and breaking up of relationships.

The common thing that creates that differences is that we have all different personalities. The answer lies in the fact that we must understand each other’s differences and that is the most common problem in relationship breakups and conflicts. People usually are selfish and judgmental, and gets angry when their partner or other people are not doing things in a way they would have done it. We came from different childhoods, different cultures, and some sort of traumas even if we know it or not.

If you are heading for a divorce or breakup in your relationship with your partner, I can help you restore your relationship.

As a relationship coach I will help and guide you through the process of understanding yourself first and then understanding your partner.

I have two different relationship packages:

  • Relationship program
  • Who is that person? – Workshop

Relationships that are based on friendship and mutual respect tend to be the most enduring. Having a good understanding of your relationship and your style of attachment is the first step toward a healthy relationship.