Personal development


Pinnacle Transformation Package

This program is design to help you discover your Identity, personality and character traits. When you finish this program you will know who you are, your true identity and that you are unique. You will be transformed into a person who is really happy and content. You will understand why you behave in a certain way and this will help you eliminate self-doubt and low self-esteem.    

This package consist of;

8 x 60 minute sessions once a week.

8 x Supporting and accountability 15 min sessions between coaching sessions.


Sequence of the sessions

  1. Discover your personality and character traits using the DISC model
  2. Discover your personality and character traits using the Enneagram model
  3. Pain points and solutions
  4. Deal with Inner conflict
  5. Deal with negative beliefs 
  6. Deal Negative emotional 
  7. Love languages
  8. Bonus – Discover your life’s purpose


# The package price will be discussed on the free discovery call