You are unique! – Workshop

It is a three hour online workshop where I help individuals and couples understand their own and those of their partner’s personality and character traits. Participants receive a checklist when they register which they must fill in to help them identify their strong and weak points and what type of personality they have before the workshop starts.

It is an interactive workshop where I help participants understand their own and their partner’s character and personality traits so that they can understand why they or their partner are behaving in a certain way or have certain habits.

The aim of this workshop is to minimize conflict in a marriage, dating or working relationship,

The workshop is only a part of the bigger personal transformation. To grow in your relationships with your spouse, dating or work colleagues you have to grow personally as well.

# Only 20 seats are available per workshop

# Price is $27 per participant

# Fill in the red contact form – Get a free discovery session –  and I will reply with details for the online workshop.


Next Dates and times are as follows:

January 2022

Date: Saturday 22January

Time: 10 o’clock Central Standard Time

February 2022

Date: Saturday 26 February

Time: 10 o’clock Central Standard Time

March 2022

Date: Saturday 26 March

Time: 10 o’clock Central Standard Time


April 2022

Gratis 1 uur aanlyn afrikaanse werkswinkel

Datum: Saturdag 9 April

Tyd: 10H00 – 11H00 CAT