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Ways to boost your self-confidence.

    You are unique Most of us want self-confidence because we want to feel good about ourselves. But self-confidence is also important for other things. The higher our self-confidence, the higher our motivation to act. Plus, self-confidence helps increase the chances of success when we do That’s because when we expect to fail, we are […]

Enneagram type one

Enneagram Type One THE REFORMER The Rational, Idealistic Type: Principled, Purposeful, Self-Controlled, and Perfectionistic     The type one are conscientious with a strong sense of right and wrong. Career types are: Accountant Auditor Editor Interior designer Architect Real estate agent Surgeon Event planner Ones have a strong desire to be “good”. One’s tend to […]

Trauma of children in divorced families

Children experience as much trauma when their parents divorce, as in cases of mishandling, abuse, rejection, etc. Most reasons for divorce are anger, financial fears, adultery, alcohol addiction, abuse, other forms of addiction, or lovelessness. With all of these reasons, there are usually spiritual roots of the past that are manifesting in a marriage. Either […]