Fear and anxiety

Your body cannot distinguish between the fear of a lion, and the fear of collapsed finances. The term for this fear, is stress. Many people’s thoughts are ruled by fear – the fear of tomorrow, death, bankruptcy, disease, rejection, flying, and more.

Fear is your mind and body’s response to a disturbance in the calm state of your mind. Fear – as the root of stress – is a spiritual force that confuses your mind and poisons your body to make you sick. I often use the example of a tension headache. When under great stress, a headache often spawns from one’s neck muscles. Stress causes a chemical reaction that pulls one’s muscles into spasm.

Stage 1, is the alarm stage – the fight or flight mode. You either want to fight or flee. This level of stress is often experienced when delivering speeches in front of an audience and such.

Stage 2, is long-term stress – when you embrace negative thoughts for long periods. This level of stress is experienced when you constantly live with fear, anger, or bitterness.

Stage 3, is when you have reached exhaustion. Your organs begin to collapse, and your body breaks down, making you feel sick and tired all the time. Heart attacks may occur, as your immune system shuts down, and your body is no longer resistant to disease.

Anxiety is another form of fear. As the body’s reaction to danger, it makes your heart beat faster and your breathing uneven. You break into hot or cold sweat, become dizzy, or nauseous.

Social anxiety – the fear of people’s opinions – is just one of anxiety’s many forms.

The best way to deal with fear and anxiety is to do what you can do and let go of the things you can not do. Some peole are stressing about failure in their lives, but there is no such thing as failure, it is only feedback. So, the thing you are worried about, will maybe never happen.




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